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2022-10-26 14:00:45 By : Ms. heidi wu

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Today, we got a really good look of the hidden glove box on the Fisker Ocean. In a paperless world, there is no need for the traditional glove box. This is especially true for Fisker, which is building an environmentally friendly company. We probably shouldn’t even call it a glove box! The innovative hidden “glove box” can be found under the front and passenger seat on the Fisker Ocean. This new seat compartment appears to have a good amount of room too.

In a video post Henrik Fisker said, “New solutions! Glove compartment under the seat (for your boring papers) to make room for [taco] tray in dash!” Fisker is on to something here. The only thing we keep in our glove box is our registration, insurance card, a pen, and a stack of napkins from Chipotle! And you know why we have Chipotle napkins in our glove box right? We eat a lot of tacos (and burritos)!

Fisker has done a great job of using unusable space, which you find under the seats on most vehicles today. Fisker made use of the space under the driver and front passenger seats leaving way for the taco tray. The taco tray, as we mentioned earlier in the week, is probably going to be something we all didn’t know we needed until we have it. Thank you hidden “glove box” for giving us the taco tray! The real question now is, soft or crunchy? ?

PS – There are other places to store paperwork, glasses, pens, napkins, charging cables, etc. For instance, you could store them within the center console armrest or in the storage cubby located beneath the inductive phone chargers and cupholders. ?

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From what I can see that taco tray is a failure waiting to happen. I can’t, in my wildest imagination, see much use for a taco tray. A glove box holds a lot more than just papers and I can almost guarantee that in more remote parts of this country the local police will not be equipped to handle electronic documents. Taco trays are nothing but a stupid gadget.

100%, it’s disaster of an idea

There are a couple places on the center console to store papers, glasses, chargers, pens, paperwork, napkins, etc. Directly in the armrest and next to your legs in the cubby beneath the inductive phone charger and cup holders.

I don’t like to eat in the car and I don’t let anyone eat in my car either. Just don’t want to deal with the smell or mess. So, I’m left with a tray for no use.

We’ll think of a lot of ways to use the tray once we get our Ocean One. Stay tuned!

The hidden glove box is neat. Please use caution if you decide to use it for your car’s registration, insurrance documents, and get pulled over by the police. Explain what you are reaching for and do it with extreme care. We want everyone to enjoy their Fisker for many more years to come!

Can’t people just get the registration and insurance cards from the storage compartment under the seat before an officer gets out of their car? Seems like that is doable. Alternatively, people can put the registration and insurance cards (if not digital on their phone) in the center console armrest.

Not big on the tacos tray myself… What about car chargers, Sunglasses, Eye glasses, etc… I prefer a real glove or, just as I prefer a Frunk, but oh well… I’ll have my “ONE” before I know it…. Expecting it in May or June.

Yeah, all personal preference! I like the idea of this feature, it’s fun and there are other places to store stuff too. The center console has a couple places — under the armrest and next to your legs.

I see a problem with DEFINITION. Of course, it is not a Glove Box (GB). But it could be perfect for temporary collecting garbage like used napkins, ice cream wrapping, plastic bags, etc. Kind of compact hidden Garbage Bag (GB)… In this case, many people will like this solution!

I am a short person therefore I sit close to the steering wheel. I would not be able to reach the hidden glove box without exiting the car. This is a really bad idea!

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