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2022-12-13 22:30:34 By : Ms. Vicky Fang

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United Scaffolding, Inc (USI) recently relaunched its brand as ScaffSource to reflect its new positioning as the largest source for sales and rental of scaffold and shoring in North America. Jack Base Scaffolding

Largest source for scaffold and shoring in North America expands and rebrands - BIC Magazine

As a pioneer in providing scaffold rental and sales across the nation, USI recently shocked the scaffolding world by rebranding itself as ScaffSource. Why would one of the market leaders make such a radical move? Justin Anderson, president of ScaffSource said the answer is simple: “The name and structure of United Scaffolding was too limiting to allow us to expand the business to meet our strategic plan of creating the largest scaffolding and shoring supplier in North America.”

We have the expertise needed to support projects of any size. With ScaffSource, we bring with us the 30+ year legacy from United Scaffolding, as well as a team that represents a combined 150+ years of industry knowledge. Couple that with a powerful network of twelve locations strategically located coast to coast, an expanded portfolio that now includes the top shoring equipment in the industry, a talented design and engineering group, and a trove of new talented sales and operations people, ScaffSource is a powerhouse. Learn More

ScaffSource is equipped to supply any project of any size — On time and on budget. We are your No.1 source for Scaffolding and Shoring Solutions, whether you need Ringlock Scaffolding or Drop Head Shoring System, ScaffSource has everything needed to bring your project to life!

We only offer the most reliable and capable equipment in the industry. This ensures that our customers will be able to consistently receive the materials they need for their projects and they can be assured that our QA/QC processes have screened the materials to ensure their integrity for use in the field.

The Ringlock scaffolding enables workers to set up, access, and disassemble a temporary work structure with speed and efficiency. As a modular scaffolding system, it is extremely versatile and can be erected from the ground up or suspended.

Cuplock is a fully galvanized multi-purpose steel scaffold system for general access and supporting vertical loads. The unique circular node point allows up to 4 components to be connected in one fastening action. Cuplock staircase and mobile towers are also available.

Tube and clamp scaffold is a versatile type of scaffold consisting of steel tubes and clamps. It allows for connecting horizontal tubes to the vertical tubes at a variety of intervals. Tube and clamp scaffold offers unlimited versatility and is a great choice for projects where loads are heavy.

Our Post Shores are easy to handle and easy to erect. The adjustments are made at standard working heights which eliminates the need for stooping or reaching. They also are available in a variety of sizes and allowable loads. Additionally, they are designed to be open at both ends to allow water not to accumulate; thereby retarding rust and debris development. The top and base plates are designed with pre-existing nail holes to facilitate easier anchoring.

20K Heavy Duty Frame Shoring Systems are the most universally used frame systems in the industry. These systems are ideal for most construction applications. With capacities up to 20,000 lbs. per frame with up to 40,000 lbs. capacity on shoring towers. Frames range from 2’ and 4’ widths and 3’, 4’, 5’ and 6’ heights. This system is designed for ease of assembly and comes with a full range of accessories.

Our Drop Head system is designed to significantly improve productivity, and lower labor cost and isthe most versatile system on the market. The drop head enables you to recover the primary and secondary beam ahead of the curing time of concrete and kept the post shore engaged for re-shoring.

Our Aluminum Beams and Stringers are a low-cost alternative to lumber for shoring and forming applications.

Non-corrosive, they can be used repeatedly and eliminate scrap and new material costs. Beams and stringers are available in several lengths and are widely used with our forming and shoring systems. They have been designed with high strength-to-weight ratios and are light enough to minimize labor commitment for setup and removal.

We also offer a time-saving solution to our customers via our 3D Modeling & Design services. This service builds out the scaffold/shoring designs to provide the customer with a “blueprint” of their planned build; allowing them to visualize problems before the material ever gets to the job site so that they can be pro-active in redesigning the build.

With our focus on continuous improvement and customer service, ScaffSource utilizes 3D modeling to provide our customers with the most accurate scaffold design. This tool, which can be used for the design of both simple and complex scaffold solutions, can be utilized to create a comprehensive bill of materials (BOM) for each project. Using 3D modeling, we can assist customers by verifying the inventory needed to begin their project on time and within budget.

Our mission is to connect our customers with the highest level of trusted scaffolding and shoring solutions by being the source of a diverse product inventory and value-added services supported by the largest network of locations and inventory.

ScaffSource prides itself on being the industry’s trusted choice. From the broad range of products to innovative, customizable scaffold and shoring offerings, they are the partner that customers choose to help their business succeed.

For more information about ScaffSource or material inquiries, please visit or give us a call at 1-888-780-5015.

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Largest source for scaffold and shoring in North America expands and rebrands - BIC Magazine

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